Best of Italy 2004 Photo Gallery 2

8/1/2004 (Main Index)

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163_Montorosso view from room 165_Montorosso hotel 168_Montorosso pillar 180_Montorosso from south trail 2
Montorosso view from room Montorosso hotel Montorosso pillar Montorosso from south trail 2
182_Montorosso_poppies 186_Montorosso_stairs on hike to Vernazza 2 187_Montorosso viewed from trail to Vernazza 189_Montorosso_trail to Vernazza
Montorosso_poppies Montorosso_stairs on hike to Vernazza 2 Montorosso viewed from trail to Vernazza Montorosso_trail to Vernazza
190_Montorosso_bridge on trail to Vernazza 197_Vernazza 2 2003_Vernazza stairs 3 2004_Vernazza from trail to Cornelia
Montorosso_bridge on trail to Vernazza Vernazza 2 Vernazza stairs 3 Vernazza from trail to Cornelia
2017_Manarola_view  of Mediterranean 2018_Manarola trail_irises 2019_Manarola 2025_Manarola_trail to Riomaggiore
Manarola_view of Mediterranean Manarola trail_irises Manarola Manarola_trail to Riomaggiore