Best of Italy 2004 Photo Gallery 2

8/1/2004 (Main Index)

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2026_Manarola_trail to Riomaggiore 2 2042_road to Siena_backyard gardens 2043_road to Siena 2046_Tuscan countryside
Manarola_trail to Riomaggiore 2 road to Siena_backyard gardens road to Siena Tuscan countryside
2048_San Gimignano 2049_tuscany_pano 2056_San Gimignano 2064_San Gimignano
San Gimignano tuscany_pano San Gimignano tower San Gimignano
2071_San Gimignano wall 2073_San Gimignano gate_me 2074_Me at COOP in San Gimignano 2079_Siena_Il Campo
San Gimignano wall San Gimignano gate_me Me at COOP in San Gimignano Siena_Il Campo
2086_Siena 2087_Siena 2090_Siena duomo 2091_Siena duomo
Siena Siena city hall tower Siena duomo Siena duomo