Best of Italy 2004 Photo Gallery 3

8/1/2004 (Main Index)

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2173_Rome_Colosseum 2176_Rome_Colosseum 2178_Rome_Forum 2180_Rome Colosseum
Rome_Colosseum Rome_Colosseum Rome_Forum Rome Colosseum
2185_Rome Colosseum 3003_Rome_Forum 3007_Rome_Forum 3011_Rome_city hall_Capitoline Hill
Rome Colosseum Rome_Forum Rome_Forum Rome_city hall_Capitoline Hill
3017_Rome_deli near Pantheon 3020_Rome_ceiling of St Ignazio 3024_Rome_St Ignazio interior 3026_Rome_carabinieri near St Ignazio
Rome_deli near Pantheon Rome_ceiling of St Ignazio Rome_St Ignazio interior Rome_carabinieri near St Ignazio
3033_Rome_Trevi at night 3044_Rome_Vatican Museum Lacoon 3049_Rome_Vatican Museum exit stairs 2 3057_Rome_San Pietro dome
Rome_Trevi at night Rome_Vatican Museum Laocoon Rome_Vatican Museum exit stairs 2 Rome_San Pietro dome