Best of Italy 2004 Photo Gallery 3

8/1/2004 (Main Index)

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3058_Rome_San Pietro altar canopy 3060_Rome_Pieta 3061_Rome_San Pietro 3072_Rome_Spanish steps
Rome_San Pietro altar canopy Rome_Pieta Rome_San Pietro Rome_Spanish steps
3076_Ostia Antica Necropolis 3081_Ostia Antica mosaics 3086_Ostia Antica doorways 3089_Ostia Antica amphitheater rear
Ostia Antica Necropolis Ostia Antica mosaics Ostia Antica doorways Ostia Antica amphitheater rear
3091_Ostia Antica temple 3092_Ostia Antica amphitheater 3097_Ostia Antica 3100_Ostia Antica
Ostia Antica temple Ostia Antica amphitheater Ostia Antica Ostia Antica
3102_Ostia Antica 3103_Ostia Antica 3105_Ostia Antica 3106_Rome_Pyramide_Porta Ostiense
Ostia Antica Ostia Antica Ostia Antica Rome_Pyramide_Porta Ostiense